Top Reasons Why Firearm Safety Classes Should Be Taught Everywhere

While it can easily be argued that people that don’t have guns in the home shouldn’t have to learn how to use them, or teach their kids anything about gun safety either. However, were firearm safety classes mandatory for all children the result would most likely be far fewer fatal accidents involving guns. It’s impossible to know whether all of the homes that your children visit will always carefully lock up their guns when others are in the home. Even educating your own kids, while other kids are ignorant of gun safety, could not only save the lives of your children but their friends as well.

Treating All Guns As Loaded All the Time Is the First Important Step

One of the most important rules in all gun safety courses is to teach everyone that all guns are loaded all the time and that they should be handled accordingly. This number one rule, if followed carefully, would prevent nearly all gun accidents that involve injury among people that are old enough to learn. Of course, younger children should never be exposed to loaded weapons under any circumstances and in those cases, adults are to blame for any accidents.

It is important to note that many people are afraid of guns and don’t wish to be near them at all. While this is very understandable, it’s still important to train any children about gun safety and what they should do if they encounter guns while at the homes of their friends. Knowing what to do, and practicing what to say at the time, could eventually save the lives of someone you know.

Firearm Safety Classes Should Be a Requirement for Gun Ownership

One only has to read the news each day to know that many of the people that are now carrying firearms are completely unprepared and untrained to use them in any way. You regularly hear about people pulling out guns and firing multiple rounds in crowded parking lots at cars that are fleeing a shoplifting charge.

Not only is this an illegal use of deadly force, they could also easily result in a stray bullet striking an innocent bystander causing serious injury or even death. Not only that, but there are incidences where a store sales clerk has merely chased after a customer that has forgotten their wallet and the incident escalated into a shooting because of an over aggressive gun owner not understanding the situation.

A firearm safety class would drill into these gun owners minds that they can’t really pull a gun and start firing in every situation they encounter. It’s very easy to make a mistake and shot the wrong party in some kind of dispute and end up going to jail yourself instead. Plus, there is always the incredible danger of injuring or killing an innocent bystander with the errant shot. One of the reasons that police train at a Police Academy for six months before any field action is so that they know when to pull their gun and when not to.

If there’s any chance that you or your children will ever encounter guns then it would be a good idea to find a gun safety class in your local area to attend. There are many groups that put them on for free or at very low cost, you can search for them on the Internet to find out their schedules and meeting places.