Foods That Help You Look Younger

Although there’s no way around aging, you can sure slow down the aging processes to have an energetic and younger looking body. Leading a healthy lifestyle, and minding what you eat is the first step to having more youthful and energetic body. Choosing what you eat carefully can not only promote good health but also ensure you age much better. Outlined below are some of the best and most recommended foods that fight aging processes naturally. Tina Trahan

1.    Broccoli and Bell Peppers
Broccoli and bell peppers are powerhouses for Vitamin C, mineral salts, and many other phytonutrients. Vitamins C promotes increased collagen production, one of the vital skin’s building blocks.  Although our bodies produce collagen naturally, the percentage starts to decline once one hits twenty. Increasing your intake on fresh vitamin C-rich foods, however, helps improve collagen production. Collagen is essentially the compound that promotes skin elasticity, hence no wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks on your body/face.

2.    Wild Salmon
Wild salmon, tuna, or sardines are potent sources of omega- 3 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids play a critical role in preventing cell inflammation and improving cell replenishment. Omega 3 fatty acids are also needed for a smoother skin for they promote skin hydration.  Including these wild seafoods in your diet plan also means a healthier heart, skin, and hair as well. Approximately 5 ounces of wild fish served 3 times a week is recommended.

3.    Sweet Potatoes and Carrots
Carrots and sweet potatoes have one thing in common; both are potent sources of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant powerful enough to destroy chemicals and free radicals in skin cells. This antioxidant expunges much of not all of the toxins and free radicals from body cells, as well as prevents oxygenation on the same. This leaves an ample environment for skin cell regeneration and growth – these leaves you with smoother more radiant skin. Other sources of vitamin A such as spinach, mangoes, cantaloupe, etc. can also be included in your diet plan for a healthier younger body.

4.    Spinach, Kales, and Cauliflower
Fresh green vegetables are healthy sources of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Having a salad in between meals is therefore recommended as it replenishes your body with most of the vital nutrients needed for healthy cells.  Calcium, one of the essential minerals, is needed for stronger bones, cartilages, and teeth. Including these ‘greens’ in your diet plan can therefore help prevent certain conditions such as arthritis, damaged skin, and wrinkles.

5.    Tomatoes and Avocados
Tomatoes pack many health benefits for the human body. They are a potent source of lycopene, a carotenoid that not only reduces the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease but also protects the skin from harmful sun rays. Ultra-violet rays can be damaging to your skin, particularly those with a thin layer of melanin. Nonetheless, eating more tomatoes does help protect your skin.

Avocados, on the other hand, contain unique polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols that protect the skin from harmful rays, fight inflammation, and repair damaged DNA. Avocados are also packed with antioxidants that provide additional protection for your skin.

These are just but a few foods that can change your life and health for the better. You also should make an effort to ensure all these are organic, as this is where the punch is.