Steps for Putting a Baby Up for Adoption

Putting a baby up for adoption can be a difficult decision to make especially with an overwhelming amount of information that can be confusing and complicated to come to terms with. However, it is important to understand the process and the steps that need to be taken if you are even considering giving up for adoption as an option.

1. Prenatal Care

No matter what you decide is best for you and your baby in the future, it is essential to visit a medical professional to confirm the pregnancy and start caring for yourself and the baby immediately. Your doctor will provide you with a prenatal plan and give you other information related to diet, exercise and other steps you need to take to ensure the health of both you and the baby.

2. Contact An Adoption Specialist

There are many adoption agencies available but it is best to select a local organization. Your adoption specialist will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you having considered all the factors involved with the process. They will help you create an adoption plan that will detail all the steps that you need to take. It is important to note that you are in total control of the decision making as well as developing a plan to suit your unique requirements.

3. Finding A Family

As part of your adoption plan, the specialist will identify the type of family where you would like the baby placed once it has been born. They will then set up a meeting with different families that meet your criteria so that you can make a selection. You will also be given 3 options for how much or how little contact you would like to have with the selected family throughout your pregnancy and after birth – open adoption, semi-open or closed. In other words, you get to decide whether you remain in the child’s life or not.

4. Hospitalization

Your birth plan and hospital stay will form part of your adoption plan. This will entail how you will give birth to the baby and whether the adoptive parents will be present at the birth. The birth plan will be designed in conjunction with your doctor but you have the final say in all matters. You can choose whether to have contact with the newborn during your hospital stay or not. Normally hospitalization will last for about 72 hours. You will probably need to sign the adoption papers relinquishing your parental rights to the adoptive family before leaving the hospital.

5. Changing Your Mind

You have up until signing the adoption documents to change your mind if you decide you wish to keep the baby after birth. Some states allow for a phase after signing to also change your mind.

The most important part of putting a baby up for adoption is making the decision. Keeping yourself informed and making use of all the resources at hand so that you take all the necessary factors into consideration is critical in making the best individual choice for you and the baby.