The Extra Benefits of Purchasing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVDs

BJJ is a great sport, so there’s no wonder so many people want to learn it. different than Judo, BJJ is based on an array of closed guard basic techniques that enable you to counteract even the most aggressive attacks from your enemies. While the basics are fairly easy to master, improving your technique requires thousands of hours of practice.

If you want to learn BJJ but you don’t have the time to go to a special studio to train with a master, you can try to do it at home. All you need is to find some good BJJ DVDs to teach you the most important techniques and the correct way of doing them. Such instructional videos can be very useful, especially if you are motivated to become better at this discipline. You can train at your own pace, in the peace of your home, whenever you find the time to do it. Martial arts training needs to be consistent if you want to see a progress anytime soon. You can’t train only once or twice a month and hope to become a real pro within the first year. If you train like that, you’ll never become a pro, because your brain and your body need to develop the habit of a daily practice.

This is why you need to find BJJ DVDs if you don’t have time to hit the training studio at least five times a week. You could start your search for such instructional videos by asking your trainer about that. Most professional martial arts trainers have good DVDs they either sell or lend to their students. Your trainer might have the best materials for you to do your daily practice at home, so don’t forget to ask him, before trying to find your BJJ DVDs elsewhere.

Online discussion forums and groups are also great places to look for BJJ instructional DVDs. By becoming a member of a few such forums and Facebook groups on martial arts topics, you’ll have access to a wealth of information, as these people are always eager to share everything they know with their peers. Some of them might be selling their old DVDs, others might be able to tell you where to go to find the materials you need. These communities are useful anyway, as they enable you to exchange information and opinions on various trainers, studios, and techniques. You won’t become a BJJ master by becoming a member of these groups, but you’ll surely find lots of like-minded people to talk to and to exchange information with. This is very important when it comes to sports that aren’t mainstream, as good resources are usually hard to find without the help of other members of the community.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t ignore eBay and Amazon, as they are both huge, therefore offering you great chances to find just about anything you may be looking for. Some old BJJ professionals may be selling their DVDs on such websites, so it’s not a bad idea to take a look.